JUNE 27, 2007 | ISSUE NUMBER 113

In January 2007, Illinois residents and other Web surfers were introduced to Chicago Wonk, a Web site where users could read about issues that affect the city and vote on how they feel. Since its launch, Wonk has gained hundreds of subscribers and a committed group of daily voters. But the editors' desire to improve the site and share it with more people has forced a temporary pause to the daily policy poll.

Should Chicago Wonk come back?

In Chicago and the rest of the world, today's citizens have more access to information than ever before. Yet much of the American media, obsessed by celebrity and shock value, have reduced politics to a contest of personalities and "gotcha" moments. This has left many people (and in particular many Chicagoans) cynical about politics, yet at their heart governmental debates revolve around fairly simple questions. What is the proper role of government? Should the government take an action or not? A daily dose of Chicago Wonk invigorates readers' interest in policy as the people's business rather than a politicians' game. May the site return and prosper.

The yahoos who cooked up this cockamamie poll think they can change the world through a Web site? How typical of a generation that fails to get off their fannies and take to the streets. The wonks should abandon their keyboards and take up the banner of revolution! Actually, dear readers, there's no choice on this one. Chicago Wonk will be back online soon. Thank you for your support over the past few months. If you have ideas for how to improve the site or if you would like to contribute to future issues of Wonk, please click here to make a suggestion. Meanwhile, if you are missing your daily dose of policy, feel free to check out our archives. You'll be hearing from us again soon!

Leitner Public Affairs